Monday, April 13, 2009

"What Lies in the Shadow of the Statue?"

Some are saying this past week's episode of Lost was the best ever. I'd have to disagree strictly on the fact that the "judgement" sequence with the smoky flashbacks was so utterly corny and un-lost that it can't be the best ever. HOWEVER, this episode answered a lot of questions, and posed a few new ones:

There are people on the 2nd plane that are not unknowing passengers. They are there for a reason. Whidmore's lackeys? The new Dharma?

WTF is in the silver box? Instruments to help Whidmore find the island again? Locke?

More hieroglyphs show up in the sub-sub-temple (they go under the temple, then Ben falls through the floor to another level?). Anubis shows up (pictured below).
Is the statue of Anubis? Is it of Tawaret (do your research!)? Juliet? Alpert? WTF! Someone also noticed this in a cast shoot (below):
The above image is pretty crazy, esp. with people talking about Farady going missing... Did he end up waaaaay back, and enlighten the previous civilization with so much knowledge and technology that they considered him a diety!?!?! Woah woah woah!!!! (ala Crazy D).

Even better, I'm djing on Wednesday, so, if any of you assholes text me between 9-10 with "WTF!?!!? OMG OMG OMG!!" "Locke is going nuts!" "Chang's the father!" etc etc, expect a roshambo of epic proportions come our next encounter.

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